Thursday, August 19, 2010

Around the corner

Sigh... When i receive phrine lim's MSG i really shock why 5Th September2010? is Sunday rite? i thought Saturday? Yesterday really cant sleep keep on burn midnight oil.. i think this 2weeks i will burn midnight oil every night. T.T going have black eye bag.
Sigh... exam is coming soon.I should prepare early, really regret why in march2010 dont i study well so that now no need to retake... but then i will try my best to get pass. this 2weeks i will use all my energy all my effort to study bcos i dont want to make my family and friends disappointed. Add extra oil... Cant lose this time... Go Go Go....

Tuesday, May 18, 2010


Today very happy leh... after class my classmate n i when to hostel there n do exercise... Yoga,Gym and Swimming. This is the 1st time i do Yoga leh... i feel really relax. so... when my friend teach us we will join for it. after all those activity already 10pm. So 4of us (Yv, Sasa , Dap2 n me) go n have dinner... then Sasa fetch me back home. Love her lots.... cos she worry about me alone take LRT. then 11something i start to do my homework... i know sure will stay until very late cos those info i also not yet find... after find those info so i save in microsoft word easy for me. but then make me trobble... i hate the microsoft word always hang gei... i need to wait for half n hour. so Angry... second time jor... then i drink some coffe to continue my work lo... really need to rush jor... sigh... now already 3.44 am. n i still nerd nerd sit infront the mirror n do homework... somemore my room is so messy n untidy... sigh... i want to clean clean clean my room in this weekends.

Saturday, May 8, 2010

Disappointed on tat BLIND ppl 07May2010

Says today she is very happy to go out with her friend but nearly all the movie she is going to finish watching. etc IP MAN,Ice kacang puppy love, the crazies , and so on... why didnt watch Iron Man? cos i heard tat my friend say not nice. so didnt watch it. After watching movie then we go Gasonline n have a tea break. At first i feel ok when we have a sit. but i see alot of comment on the wall say tat gasonline service bad n so on. I dont trust but it really prove it to me those staff. Not tat i want to complain... just feel like want to order also very hard and their cow coffee is totally out. Bitter, not tasty, make ppl stomach ache n head ache. Now dont feel like drinking any coffe. So just to tell my friend who read my blog dont ever try their coffee... When i reach kl sentral monorail i saw U87 tat is the bus for me to go home. Is very lucky for me to get tat bus cos normally i need to wait aleast for 1hour. cos the U87 1hour only come 1times. As usual i sit at my favor places n 1apek tat is blind cos he holding normally blind ppl hold de things. he just stop at bangsar lrt from kl sentral to bangsar it takes 20minutes although it is very near but traffic jam. Hate tat. then tat indian Apek keep on look at my leg... Err... now not really dare to wear short pants dy. then he though tat i cant see. he keep on looking at my leg. my gosh... i though to change place but i'm not dare. so keep on looking at him n see wat his action. Err... tat indian Apek not blind de meh? still can 'gap' ppl's leg. Then just unhappy n wait until he get down the bus. The bus driver drive very fast n the coffee still in my stomach... Maybe the driver drive too fast tat's why i feel like vomit. Now i feel better but now almost 3am leh. T.T
sei lo tomorrow still need to wake up early.
1)wash clothes
2)clean my room
3)Help papa do his account
4)do some revision if i free...
So tomorrow she will be buzy

Thursday, April 22, 2010

what feeling should i have now?

what feeling should i have now? i just got to know that my AITA exam paper2 pass paper1 fail. T.T need to retake my exam... comming this sept i will try to past my paper1. GAMBATHE REGINE SEONG LAI KUAN

Tuesday, April 13, 2010


我这几天都很倒霉。。。 都不知道为什么今年属羊的我犯太岁吗?

2)晚上12.30AM 我的右手给风扇打到痛到连妈妈都认不到。。。
3) 第2天,弄坏ALBERT的电脑。。。


Sunday, March 21, 2010

Sorry grandma...

I really felt guilty to my grandma... T.T last friday is my mama birthday but i dont know. when she call us to go n makan with aunt they all. i thought is just a normal gathring when my sis answered the call n ask my grandma. but then tat day i go out with my friend n just a normal dinner n playing badminton with them. but i left my grandma. T.T althought saturday only celebrate my grandma birthday. but the most important day she choose to celebrate with me but i am not there. i know my grandma just want to celebrate with me but i am not there for her. i know she will be sad. She is getting older n older this year already 84years old still got how many years celebrate with me? why i dont appreciate every hours every minutes every second?
My mama sayang me most but i dont sayang her. i just realize tat i am a bad girl better to give birth a 'cha xiu' than me. T.T Mama... I LOVE YOU. pls dont leave me alone. Mama u must wait until i married oh i dont care. I promise next year ur birthday n next next year i also will celebrate with u not like this year.

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Nearly get in wrong Car. 17/3/10 n 18/3/10

Yesterday around 7something. i go n fetch my sister after working then we go to supermarket. the supermarket name TMC. after we finish shopping in supermarket we walk throught our car WAJAR. My sister holding the key to open the door. She try to open the door but it cant. she ask us why i can open the door? n i answer bcos this is not our car. then another sister answer me it wont be wrong. Then , my sister who holding the key just confirm see weather tat is our car or not. Seriously, tat is not our car. XD i just understand tat ' Sometimes we really need to open our eye b4 doing anything'.

Today go to school 'RISM' i as team D member and few of my member ( hong hong n kam kam) was choosing by Mr.Goh. Tat we need to come out n present infront out the class. At first hong hong introduce n second kam kam n third is me. At first i really scare to present infront. But last time as a tour guide i also stand infront n speak why now i cant? n last time become a penolong ketua pengawas also need to have a speach in front of everyone why now i cant? At last i also can do it. :) today present tat time i having alot of funny funny jokes. Aleast i also can make my friend smile. it show tat i success dy. Am i???? Maybe bah...
8pm going to OUG pasar malam but i dont know go pasar malam for wat. maybe sister want to go then i just accompany her since i cant eat my lovely 'chao tao fu' but now really seems like seldom eat 'chao tao fu' maybe i dont like to it dy. last time eveyweek also go to pasar malam just for tat. now coughing cannot eat. Go pasar malam just walk walk lo...